Morning Harvest farm

  • 8933 NE 72nd St, Walton, KS  67151

(316) 303-7118



Nestled in the rolling hills of Harvey County, Morning Harvest farm operates as naturally as possible. By design cows are herbivores and keeping them on this intended diet fosters healthy animals. Allowing them to graze to maturity keeps us healthy, as well. No hormones. No steroids. No antibiotics. No vet since 2008. Chickens soon follow in a portable hen house taking care of most of the pests. They also give us eggs with dark, golden yolks. Fresh produce is available during the growing season. Artisan breads are available year-round. Farm tours are given each Saturday @ 2 pm, by appointment only. Please call or shoot us an email. Morning Harvest farm...where cattle decorate the pastures, and chickens decorate everything else!