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Before You Get Started

Before you get started:

Check your qualifications

Your business must meet at least one of the following requirements:

  • Ensure your products are 100% grown or produced in Kansas or 100% of the products’ processing, manufacturing or craftsmanship is done in Kansas.
  • Your restaurant is Kansas owned or serves one or more primary Kansas food ingredients. Restaurant needs to identify which food products are from Kansas.
  • Business provides an agriculture-based experience in Kansas. To qualify, agritourism businesses must be registered with the Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks.
  • Business offers three or more Kansas products for sale in their store.

Please make sure to have the following information handy to complete your From the Land of Kansas membership application.

  • General business information such as:
    • Are you required to be licensed? We can assist with acquiring an answer for this if needed.
    • Are you registered with the Kansas Secretary of State?
  • Logo and Marketing images
  • Your business category – options are provided
  • Social media links and website links if applicable

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