Frequently Asked Questions

Member Businesses FAQ

You can learn more about the program, explore our current members, discover what resources the program offers to members, review membership guidelines, and more right here on our website. For additional questions, contact Sammy Gleason, From the Land of Kansas marketing manager, at (785) 564-6755 or email
A From the Land of Kansas membership provides many opportunities to expand your business, marketing and product promotions through paid promotions, website and social media presence, event participation and more. Membership also provides you the opportunity to grow professionally through business development materials provided through our monthly e-newsletter, online blog, webinars and breakout sessions at events. Visit our Member Services page to learn more. For more information about licensing visit our licensing guide page and for information on grant opportunities visit our grant services page.

Qualifications vary by category:

  • Farmer/Rancher: 100% of the product is grown or produced in Kansas.
  • Manufacturer/Processor: 100% of the agriculture product’s processing or manufacturing is done in Kansas.
  • Value-added agriculture: 100% of the non-food product’s raw materials are acquired from Kansas and 100% of the non-food product’s processing, manufacturing or craftsmanship is done in Kansas.
  • Restaurant: Restaurants must be Kansas owned and serve one or more primary Kansas food ingredient. The restaurant must identify which food products are from Kansas.
  • Agritourism: The business provides an agriculture-based experience in Kansas. The business must be a registered agritourism operation with Kansas Tourism.
Complete and submit our online application. Once you have been accepted into the program, you will immediately receive membership benefits. Each membership lasts until the start of the following calendar year, at which point you will be required to renew your membership.
Yes. Each member will need to reapply for membership at the beginning of each calendar year. A From the Land of Kansas team member will send you the appropriate information to renew your membership each year.
Member access to use the From the Land of Kansas logo on products, promotional items, marketing materials and in their business is free with a minimum of $25 worth of benefits.

Check the From the Land of Kansas Facebook page, Instagram and Twitter profile to stay informed on the most recent program information. In addition, sign up for our e-newsletter and follow our blog for updates, business development ideas and more.


Farmers' Markets FAQs

Your market can apply to the Central Registration of Kansas Farmers’ Markets. You can find the free registration application on our Register Your Market page. You must register your market annually at the beginning of each calendar year.
Pursuant to the Kansas Farmers’ Market Promotion Act, K.S.A. 2-3801 et seq., your market will be subject to limited liability except in regards to intentional acts or dangerous conditions that the manager withholds information about. This means that, in most cases, registered farmers’ market participants (vendors and customers) assume the risk of being injured at or because of an action related to the farmers’ market. This applies only to the farmers’ market manager, not to individual vendors who may wish to seek individual product liability insurance. Additionally, you will be listed on our Farmers’ Market Directory, receive a free listing on Kansas Tourism’ website, receive our monthly Farmers’ Market Network e-newsletter, access to our Farmers’ Market Managers Facebook Group, as well as general marketing assistance and access to resources available on our website.

Once your application is approved, your market will receive:

  • Official Certificate of Registration – Retain this letter for proof of limited liability coverage, pursuant to the Kansas Farmers’ Market Promotion Act, K.S.A. 2-3801 et seq.
  • Profile on with market description, location and contact information
  • Profile on with market description, location and contact information.
  • A subscription to our monthly Farmers’ Market Network e-newsletter which includes market promotion ideas and educational opportunities.
  • You will receive admission into our Farmers’ Market Network Facebook Group. This is a great way to connect with fellow market managers throughout Kansas. Don’t forget to request to join!
Yes! We encourage you to utilize the From the Land of Kansas logo in your farmers’ market marketing, advertising and communication pieces. Brand guidelines are available for your reference as you work to incorporate the logo into your materials. Reach out to us at to request logo files. We ask for a sample copy of marketing materials before they are printed.
Yes! If you are the manager for your farmers’ market, you can apply online to accept Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) vouchers. Visit the USDA website to find SNAP training resources and a link to the online application. For information on Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT), please check the USDA page on EBT.
Yes! WIC stands for Women, Infants and Children and the goal of the program is to keep pregnant and breastfeeding women, new moms, and kids under age five healthy. Please visit Kansas’ WIC page for more information on the program. To apply for the WIC program, visit this page to find your local WIC program contact.
Markets cannot be “certified” to accept Senior Farmers’ Market Nutrition Program (SFMNP) vouchers. However, individual vendors can receive training to become certified to accept SFMNP vouchers. The goal of SFMNP is to provide resources in the form of fresh, nutritious, unprepared, locally grown fruits, vegetables, herbs and honey from farmers’ markets, roadside stands and CSA programs to low income seniors. For more information visit the Kansas’ SFMNP page or contact Courtney Koenig at or (620) 235-6157.

Check out our Farmers’ Market Online Toolkit for a general marketing guide, fillable poster templates, kids’ activity sheets, social media graphics and more. Be on the lookout for our monthly Farmers’ Market e-newsletters which often contain marketing tips and tricks as well.