Downtown Hays Market

  • 110 E 10th St, Hays, KS  67601

(785) 621-4171



Downtown Hays Development Corporation (DHDC) is proud to offer an outdoor market in the heart of Downtown Hays. The market regularly opens on Saturday mornings from 7:30-11 a.m. inside the beautiful Downtown Pavilion located on 10th Street, between Main and Oak. All vendors and guests are welcome at what we affectionately call a Farm and Arts Market. We encourage customers to regularly check out the market since produce and merchandise will change throughout the growing season. Saturday morning, the feeling of community mingles with the scent of freshly brewed coffee from our local coffee shop under the Downtown Hays Pavilion. Vendors and guests from all across Kansas connect over the topics closest to home: local business, handcrafted goods, and locally raised meats and produce. In 2020, DHDC introduced the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) to the Downtown Hays Market. SNAP provides funds to needy families for the purchase of healthy food. In 2021, we continued to do our part to end food insecurity in our community through the Double Up Bucks Match Program. Double Up helps customers bring home more healthy food by matching their SNAP dollars spent on fresh fruits and veggies. With these programs, vulnerable families and children in our area have reliable access to nutritious food needed to support a healthy lifestyle. Additionally, these programs support Kansas farmers and strengthen our local economy. The Downtown Hays Market is more than just a Farm and Arts Market. It is a gathering place for those who foster an affinity for all things homegrown and hold a special place for their community. It's where consumers can meet the farmers who have tended the produce that will end up as dinner. It's a haven for those who might not know how they will feed their families and the dwelling place of friendly faces and helping hands. It's the Downtown Hays Market, more than just a Market!