Holmes Made Salsa

  • 2252 N. Coolidge Ave., Wichita, KS  67024

(316) 260-6455





Holmes-Made Salsa is a small, family-owned and operated business in Wichita.Our licensed family owned and operated kitchen provides customers with a variety of old fashioned, quality, hand-made products including salsas, fruit spreads, relishes, and BBQ sauces. We also promote the success of small businesses through sales at locally owned retail specialty shops. Locations: Alma Creamery in Alma, Douglas Ave Chop Shop in Wichita, Fanestil Meats in Emporia, Fulmer's Kansas Specialty Meats in Belvue, Green Acres Markets in Wichita, Hildebrand Dairy in Junction City, Kansas Kollections in Manhattan, Kansas Originals in Wilson, Prairie Fire Winery in Paxico, Prairie Harvest in Newton, and The Local Depot in Topeka.