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The Marie Antoinette Gluten Free Baking Co. is a family owned business specializing in the wholesale gluten free food industry, where everything is deliciously baked and carefully made. Our products are made from in-house proprietary recipes and flour blends in a 100% gluten free facility. We provide a variety of products ranging from deliciously sweet cinnamon rolls to savory biscuits and gravy. Marie Antoinette Gluten Free products can be found in Hy-Vee and specialty food stores across the Midwest.

Our Mission: 

Our promise is to provide the gluten-free or health conscious consumer with delicious, artisanal gluten-free sweets, treats, and meals without the worry of cross-contamination. Each ingredient is hand chosen and every recipe is taste-tested to ensure superior taste and texture. We believe in a commitment to customer satisfaction and are willing to help out even the most challenged food allergy consumer.

Questions about customer order cakes, cupcakes, or treats for a party, event, or special occasion? Contact the owner, Rani, directly by either stopping by our shoppe or phone/email.

Our Story: 

Our family became aware of gluten intolerances four years ago when our 11 year old daughter became seriously ill. Our doctor was baffled. My daughter was constantly absent from school, dizzy, vomiting, could not keep her balance, and experienced daily migraines.

One day, while I waited at a doctor's appointment, I glanced down at a medical journal and saw an article about eating gluten-free. I decided to read it. The article was an answer to my prayers and I questioned the doctor about the possibilities and she agreed to let us try a gluten-free diet until my daughter's next appointment. In a matter of days, my daughter's condition improved.

However, we found it frustrating trying to figure out which foods to avoid. I knew nothing of cross-contamination or reading labels. I figured if it wasn't a major bread or wheat item, we were okay. But, I was wrong and my daughter's health was set back many times from trial and error.

I began educating myself and developing recipes for my daughter, who is also a huge foodie. Her eyes would light up when I re-introduced her to gluten-free versions of chocolate cupcakes, cookies, and lasagna. Soon, my son and I were living gluten-free as well since we both exhibited many gluten intolerance symptoms.

This continued for another three years when we discovered my daughter was also allergic to corn. After delving myself deeper into recipe and food research I realized that there is a definite need for food products that cater to those with food intolerances. We have traveled all over the country taste-testing products from different gluten-free bakeries with major disappointment. We figured if our family had this problem, we couldn't be alone. And, as I sat and tried to choke down a tasteless, dry, and crumbly gluten-free cupcake in Boston - I knew my husband and I could offer a more tastier, moister, and sweeter cupcake. And so... Marie Antoinette's Gluten-Free Bake Shoppe was born!