R Family Farms, LLC

  • 15061 DD Road, Lebanon, KS  66952

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Located just 4 miles from the Geographic Center of the lower 48 states, R Family Farms is a niche market hog farm that combines old-style outdoor reared production practices with modern-day technology to bring superior quality pork to the market. Although R Family Farms was not established until 2015, Kaden and Emily's passion towards agriculture and their pig farm flourishes rich family histories, that when combined, supply more than two centuries worth of care and stewardship for the land and animals. Today, R Family Farms' vision is seeded with the desire to educate consumers about where their food comes from, and at the same time, offer a culinary experience often only reserved for world-class dining experiences. We offer retail and wholesale experiences.

You can find us at:
Gene's Heartland Foods (Smith Center location only at this time)
Locally via R Family Farms
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