Whispering Elm Farm

  • 27017 Waverly Rd, Paola, KS  66071

(913) 221-7299





We are a small, organic farm growing culinary and medicinal herbs as well as elderflowers and elderberries.   While most are familiar with elderberries, what might surprise you are the traditional uses of the flower.  The taste is amazing and anecdotal records as well as emerging research shows there are valuable properties in those flowers!  We offer teas, tinctures, tonics and syrups and culinary spice blends.

 In addition to herbs, we also keep bees so we offer honey as well as chicken, duck and goose (seasonal) eggs.  As a master herbalist and wellness coach, Melissa offers garden tours and a variety of classes related to natural health.  These classes are posted on our website but we also do private groups and parties with a minimum of 5 people.