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Our homestead is located 5 miles North of Bird City, KS. This is also where we press, filter and bottle our all natural non-gmo sunflower oil. We grow the sunflowers ourselves on the family farm. Once we harvest the sunflowers they are stored until needed. We clean, then cold press them in small batches in order to create a high quality oil which is high in vitamin E and retains it's natural flavor and aroma as well as it's nutritional value. Since our oil is not refined it has a lower smoke point, similar to olive oil. It can be used in cooking, baking, salad dressings and frying (lower temperatures recommended due to lower smoke point). It also works great as skin and hair moisturizer.

We are a father and son team who use no-till farming practices. We prefer no-till in order to maintain the health of the soil. Farming in a low rainfall environment, it is essential to conserve moisture when possible. No-till keeps the soil covered slowing transpiration in the summer months, also allowing the roots to decay naturally in the soil helps the soil's water holding capacity.

"The healthiest oil made the healthiest way from our farm to your table."

Find Wright's sunflower oil online at shop.fromthelandofkansas.com.