Internship Spotlight: Maddy Meier

Olivia H. ยท October 12, 2021 | In the news

“I’m glad I get to be a part of it,” said Maddy Meier in reflection of her current internship with From the Land of Kansas. She is currently a senior at Kansas State University majoring in Agricultural Communications and Journalism with a Global Food Systems Leadership secondary major.

With previous experience interning for the K-State Global Food Systems Leadership Program and Farm Bureau, Meier was searching for an internship that would help her grow her marketing experience. She also wanted an opportunity to work with producers around the state of Kansas and that would expand her knowledge of the Kansas agriculture and food industry.

During this internship, Meier has worked on newsletters, wrote articles, created communication pieces such as a Hildebrand Farms Dairy brochure and a Rowe Ridge Vineyard & Winery gift certificate, designed marketplace banners and helped with social media post creation and audits.

“This role has really given me a lot of confidence to be able to reach out to all these different producers across the state,” Meier says. Now she enjoys getting to talk with them too.

“My favorite part about my position is getting to interact with all of the small business owners,” Meier said. She recalls a phone call she had with one of our members, Bety of Fulton Valley Farms. “She was so excited to tell me about her business and why she started it,” Meier said. “I love meeting with people and seeing their passions and being able to amplify the voice of their brand and see them flourish.”

Meier appreciates how all From the Land of Kansas members create unique products and services for their fellow Kansans to enjoy. Businesses like those who are members of the program often have unique stories. “I love hearing their stories, that’s something that really excites me,” Meier said.

When talking about From the Land of Kansas farmers’ markets, Meier said. “I just think it’s a great way to connect the community, to fill that gap between producers and consumers.”

One member business Meier has a fond memory of is when she did a social media audit for Half Day Creamery. She was grateful he was willing to listen to the tips she had learned in college about social media. “My belief is that you can learn from anybody,” Meier said. “it makes me happy to see them succeed.” She has enjoyed seeing how others develop their brand.

“What’s going to help me the most is the wide variety of projects I get to work on here, as well as developing my communication, writing and graphic design skills,” Meier said. As she prepares to graduate, Meier will be searching for a job within the communications or marketing sector.