Marketing Manager: Janelle Dobbins

December 27, 2021 | In the news · Membership information · Supporting Kansas
Janelle Dobbins, marketing manager for From the Land of Kansas, is a born and bred Kansas farm girl who left the state for about ten years to do corporate marketing before becoming the From the Land of Kansas marketing manager. Her decision to return to Kansas was based on wanting to be closer to her family, but becoming part of From the Land of Kansas was a way for her to explore her two passions of food and agriculture. “When I saw the job listing for the From the Land of Kansas program, it seemed like the perfect marriage,” Dobbins said. 
Typical tasks for Dobbins include: answering questions from members and farmers’ markets, planning events, looking for grant opportunities, and much more. “When the phone rings you never know if it’s going to be a member, a farmers’ market or a consumer, or possibly another agency with questions,” Dobbins said. In addition, every single day she makes sure to check in with her team and diligently check that all projects are on track. 

Dobbins has also implemented some changes into the program. One initiative she led, and the one she is most proud of, is the program’s Holiday Gift Box program. She also led the revamp of the e-commerce site, started the Taste of Kansas event, enlarged the program’s state fair presence, and played a part in changing the way members sign up to an a-la-carte format. According to Dobbins, they tried to hone in on what needs members had. 

From the Land of Kansas provides resources and opportunities to help agriculture-related Kansas businesses. Some of these opportunities include marketing assistance, access to grants, From the Land of Kansas logo use and ways to sell products. Dobbins is passionate about all the services the program provides and loves interacting with members.
One fond member memory she recalls is going to visit Cimarron Valley Produce. “I remember going out to visit them and standing out in the middle of a massive onion field. I had grown a row of onions in my life but I had never been in acres and acres of onion fields to smell the scent of onions right before harvest time.”
The program also gives Kansas businesses connections. “With one call they’re able to connect with us, and we can help connect them with food safety, with licensing, other agencies, Department of Revenue, or agritourism,” Dobbins said.
When asked about the importance of supporting Kansas businesses, Dobbins said, “When you're spending the money in your community, the money is staying in your community so it’s helping your local schools, your roads. Also, when you’re supporting those local businesses, you’re saying you find what they do important with both your money and your presence.”

Dobbins would like From the Land of Kansas members to know, “We love working with you every day, we love your passion, we love your businesses, and if there’s anything else we can help you with give us a call.”