Pop into the New Year

Grace W. ยท February 16, 2021 | Member features

The new year brings new resolutions, which turn into new needs. For some, that may be the need to stay fit. For others, it may be the need to spice up the next family gathering or movie night. Still for others who are looking ahead, it may be the need to provide the perfect Super Bowl snack. No matter what your new year
need is, Free Day Popcorn is a necessity!                                                                                                                                                                                                         

Located near Republic, Kansas, Free Day Popcorn is grown on the Freitags' family farm. Since 2015, Nate, Stacey and their four young helpers have been growing only the highest-quality popcorn. Free Day Popcorn is non-GMO, naturally gluten free, 100% whole grain, does not contain trans fat and is high in fiber, making it a healthy option. Best of all, Free Day Popcorn is fresh from the farm. Unlike many commercial popcorn producers, the Freitags do not store their popcorn for extended periods of time before it reaches the consumer. Theirs goes directly fresh from the farm into your hands, resulting in a robust flavor that you won’t find elsewhere.

Beyond the freshness, Free Day Popcorn also provides versatility. You can dress up the popcorn to make it sweet or savory! Free Day Popcorn grows several varieties of popcorn. For those of you looking to get creative, Free Day Popcorn offers mushroom popcorn in a convenient, three pound, resealable bag that maintains your popcorn’s freshness. For those of you who think three pounds is a lot, it’s not. Once you start to pop, you won’t be able to stop! Mushroom popcorn is great for cheesy popcorn, caramel corn and other candy-coated flavors. For those of you looking to stick with the healthier options, look for the yellow butterfly or white butterfly popcorn in the same convenient packages. But you’ll have to hurry and grab them before they fly off the shelf! Check here to see where Free Day Popcorn is sold near you. If it’s not, ask your local store to carry it! If you’d rather shop online, just visit Free Day Popcorn’s website for some easy shopping that leads to easy popping. No matter what adventure the new year brings, meet it with Free Day Popcorn!