Telling Our Story: The History of the From the Land of Kansas Program

January 21, 2022

For nearly 50 years, the From the Land of Kansas program has been proud to represent small business owners and producers all over Kansas. As of 2021, 250 members and 90 farmers’ markets are registered within the program to ensure that Kansans are able to celebrate all things Kansas.


As early as 1977, the state trademark known as From the Land of Kansas began to develop. A year later, on August 4, 1978, a logo featuring the trademark’s name and outline of the state of Kansas would make its debut. The Kansas Secretary of Agriculture registered the program with the goals of promoting and developing Kansas agricultural products, to showcase the quality of locally grown Kansas foods, and to generate a sense of pride of Kansas agriculture. Fairgoers at the Kansas State Fair would see a From the Land of Kansas logo on ten exhibits that year that were created and crafted by Kansans.


Throughout the 1980s and 1990s, the From the Land of Kansas program would see steady growth as the Kansas Department of Agriculture was declared a state agency. The program was then moved to the Kansas Department of Commerce in the summer of 1996. A major style change within the trademark’s branding would not occur until of August of 2010, when the program was retitled “Simply Kansas.” In 2011, the program was moved back to the Kansas Department of Agriculture.


In March of 2015, the program was rebranded again, this time reverting to the original name of From the Land of Kansas. The current logo contrasts from those that were previous, sporting a blue emblem, with a head of golden wheat and two white stars.


This January, we’re not only excited to celebrate Kansas, but to celebrate another year of commodities grown, raised or produced in Kansas. As a program, nothing gets us more excited to see the growth and success in our member’s endeavors.