New leadership within the From the Land of Kansas program.

November 29, 2022 | Latest happenings

The Kansas Department of Agriculture's, Division of Agriculture Marketing announces Sammy Gleason as the new Marketing Manager for the From the Land of Kansas state trademark program as of the first of November. Sammy is inspired and motivated to help hardworking Kansans grow their businesses as members of the trademark program. Connecting and building relationships is very important to Sammy and she looks forward to meeting and working with existing and future members.

Sammy is a wife and mother of four who became the marketing coordinator for From the Land of Kansas in early 2020. During her time with From the Land of Kansas, she has built relationships with members, enhanced marketing benefits, designed a new website, managed grants, coordinated and hosted events, visited a wide range of Kansas farms and businesses, and much more. She has found a career home within a program she greatly values. In addition to her practical experience, Sammy received her Bachelor of Science degree in organization leadership from Fort Hays State University and has completed several marketing and professional development courses to expand her skillset.


A strong advocate for Kansas agriculture, Sammy stated, “I grew up being a farmers’ daughter in northcentral Kansas. I’m very passionate about helping farmers be successful and thrive in the agriculture industry.” Sammy’s dad is a fourth-generation farmer, which makes the From the Land of Kansas program something she holds close to her heart. “I love working with our members and getting to know each one of them. It makes me happy to serve them, no matter the size of their business; our members give me a purpose,” she said. “I’ve always wanted to help people and that’s what we do in the trademark program.” Sammy looks forward to serving and helping new and existing members advance their businesses. If you have any questions about the state trademark program or would like to congratulate Sammy, contact her at