Alma Creamery: Nibblin' Good Cheese

December 21, 2022 | Member features

Sharing their love for cheese, Alma Creamery has been making homemade cheese since 1946. Located in Alma, the Hansen family has been a part of the tradition for more than 30 years. Alma Creamery works with local dairy farmers from the Flint Hills area to get high quality milk that is full of nutrients and rich in flavor.

When asked about the history and traditions of Alma Creamery, Cody Dillon, director of business development said, “It’s a story rooted in community. Working hard and providing jobs. Helping local dairy farmers thrive. And sharing the tradition of Alma cheese with families far and wide.”

A fan favorite and what Alma Creamery is known for is their cheese curds. Cheese curds are the perfect bite size snack. During the process of turning milk into cheese there is a stopping point at which cheese curds are made. The team starts their day bright and early at 4 a.m. with 20,000 pounds of milk and begin the process of pasteurization, cooking, adding cultures and rennet, draining the whey (which is the liquid remaining after milk has curdled), packing the cheese, running it through a curd mill, and finally adding salt. For blocks of cheese, the cheese curds are then put into blocks to be pressed overnight and sealed for aging. This process takes a lot of hard work and dedication — a passion that shows itself in every bite.


To allow more people to enjoy the delicious Flint Hills cheese, Alma Creamery opened a new retail store in September. You can now find their cheese inside the Plaza of The Flint Hills located at the I-70 and K-99 junction at exit 328. At their new retail store, you can find your perfect cheese in block, curd, or spread form and meat and cheese trays in an array of flavors. Don’t forget to visit the cheese curd bar to customize your own cheese curds. When asked what Cody loves most about the family business, he said he loves the smile cheese puts on people’s faces and being able to share a product with great history.


The new must-try product from Alma Creamery is their cheese spreads, with flavors including cranberry, bacon ranch and garlic & herb. Cody said the new year will also bring new cheese spread flavors. Alma Creamery cheese can be found at 47 retail locations across Kansas and Missouri.


To find more information about Alma Creamery and to stay updated on their new products you can follow them on Facebook and shop online at


By: Casandra Rodriguez