Keeping it Local: Yoder Meats

June 22, 2022 | Member features

Yoder Meats has been around for decades, evolving from a small food locker in 1947 to being a full processing plant along with five retail locations. Chad Bontrager and his family purchased Yoder Meats in August 2017. Their main goal is to serve consumers high-quality meat products as well as a host of other items along with excellent customer service. Meat is processed at the locker in Yoder and then sold straight to consumers in one of their retail locations.

Yoder Meats is a unique business as it provides processing and retail stores in multiple locations. They have five locations: the main retail store and processing plant in Yoder, three retail stores in Wichita, and one retail store in Lawrence. Aside from some Amish candy and canned goods sourced from Ohio and Pennsylvania, all products are Kansas-made including Grannie’s Homemade Mustard, Alma Creamery cheese, Rabbit Creek Tasteful Gourmet, and more.

The Yoder location provides lunch options to the local community. “It is a great option for folks that want to get a hot meal or deli sandwich ready to go. We wanted to offer something fast, close, and cheap, especially for our local farmers,” said Bontrager.

With the business having the opportunity to do processing and retail they can provide fresh, high-quality meats to consumers. Aside from processed products such as hamburgers, steaks, pork chops and sausage, they have the ability to sell quarters and halves directly to the consumer. When asked what separates Yoder from other retail stores, Bontrager said, “We support our stores with our own processing plant.” They also do a snack sticks fundraising program for youth organizations. There are 12 flavors, 6 are regular flavors and 6 are called fit sticks. The fit sticks taste the same as the regular but meet nutrition requirements for them to be sold in schools.

You can learn more about Yoder Meats and keep up with the daily information on their Facebook and website.

By: Josey Mestagh