Life is Sweet: Queen Marie Gluten Free

August 26, 2022 | Member features · Restaurant · Specialty Food & Drink

After discovering her daughter has a gluten allergy, Rani Navarro-Force was bound to create delicious food and not let this allergy hold her daughter back from eating the food she loves. Navarro-Force found a love for cooking and baking, which led to creating her family-owned business, Queen Marie Gluten Free.


Through trial and error in creating the perfect blend and learning how different foods react with each other, Navarro-Force created a blend of flour that would help her achieve her goal of making high-quality, gluten-free foods. She started baking everything from cupcakes, cookies, pastries and bread that her family and friends could enjoy.


In 2013, Navarro-Force started Queen Marie Gluten Free with a café in Wathena, Kansas. She offers lunch specials such as pizza, hoagies, tacos and soup. Alongside her lunch specials, there are baked goods and fresh bread that can be found at the café. Everything made is gluten-free so people with and without a gluten allergy can enjoy every bite.


After running the café for several years, Navarro-Force wanted to expand her business to wholesale so that more people could enjoy the foods they love. “What motivates me is when people call me and let me know they were able to eat something they haven’t been able to for years,” said Navarro-Force.


Queen Marie Gluten Free's delicious baked goods can now be found in stores around the Midwest, like Hy-Vee and Price Chopper. These grocery stores have an array of ready-to-bake and frozen products. If you cannot find it in stores or go to the café, no worries, you can order baking mixes to be shipped to your home to bake in the comfort of your kitchen!


Rani Navarro-Force strives to keep all her products high quality and tasting good. You can find her products online at or visit the café on Fridays and Saturday mornings in Wathena. Follow Queen Marie Gluten Free on Facebook to stay updated with new products and lunch specials.