Burn Local: A dream turned to reality

September 22, 2022 | Member features

Jennifer Penner has always dreamed of being an entrepreneur and owning a storefront of some sort. Due to both her sons’ battle with allergies and asthma, she started researching what goes into a candle in May of 2020 and started H+H Collection. Her main goal was to make a candle that is suitable for her family — an allergy and asthma friendly candle — by choosing alternative ingredients and suppliers to ensure no harmfulness in their home.

“The business took off so when we decided to open a storefront, I did not want to be a regular candle store,” said Penner. “We wanted to create the environment and experience of making memories with your friends and family while creating your own candle.”

H+H Collection is the only vegan candle bar in Kansas. H+H Collection has curated exclusive scents with country music super star Blake Shelton and the collection includes travel tin set candles named after his songs. The company’s portfolio is quite fascinating, partnering with the City of El Dorado, boutiques, hotels and more!

Since starting the business it has grown rapidly. Penner’s products can be found in 20+ stores in Kansas, one in Oklahoma and one in North Carolina. She is finding out that business owners small and large see value in her brand that represents safer and cleaner products for home and body.

A product near and dear to the From the Land of Kansas program is the lavender wax melts, “Just Breathe.” They are infused with locally grown Kansas lavender. This product was created for consumers to enjoy and promote the clean, calming scent of lavender through their product.

Penner enjoys the creativity that goes into making her products. The ability to involve her family, especially her boys and building a legacy for them is a blessing.

“My favorite part is the endless opportunities to serving and choosing to continue to cultivate God’s goodness in and around us through our candles — shining bright,” said Penner.

Visit their website to shop, book a time at their eco-luxe candle bar, or write an inquiry regarding an exclusive brand scent at hello@handhcollection.com.

By: Josey Mestagh