Kansas Originals Market & Gallery — Marge Lawson

May 8, 2023 | Member features

From seasonings to jam and from metal art to woodwork, Kansas Originals Market and Gallery has it all when it comes to Kansas-made products. Marge Lawson is co-founder of the not-for-profit corporation which started this business. In the past 32 years since the doors opened, Kansas Originals Market & Gallery has sold for over 1,000 Kansas artisans, craftsmen, authors, photographers and food producers.

Lawson said the group opened this business because people were making products but having a hard time selling them. Today they have approximately 150 vendors selling a large variety of locally made products. Since the beginning, the building has doubled in size. What was once a sparse place with few items is now packed full, supporting many Kansans.

After exploring all the wonderful Kansas-made products, you can visit Smoky Hill Winery’s wine tasting room located inside the store.

Kansas Originals Market & Gallery also hosts multiple events throughout the year, including Memorial Weekend and the Czech Festival. They hope to bring back their Spirit of Kansas event this fall. The Czech Festival is held the last weekend of July in Wilson, Kansas. During this time, you can meet the makers behind certain item in Kansas Originals and experience the Czech heritage.

“People come in here from all over the United States,” Lawson said. “Some even say they make us a destination on their trips to see what new products we have.”

Kansas Originals Market & Gallery was founded to encourage shopping local and having a one-stop shop for locally made items. Shopping local allows the funds to stay in your community and support your neighbors.

Lawson said, “I love to shop local because we have so many different items that set themselves apart from what you would find in a big-box store.”

To learn more about Kansas Originals Market & Gallery, visit their website!


By Josey Mestagh