Lavender Hill Farm KCK — Joe and Jenny Steineger

June 21, 2023

Living a Lavender Life 

Known as a place of healing, freedom and love, Lavender Hill Farm is proud of what they do in their community. Joe and Jenny Steineger bought land 15 years ago unsure what to do with it ­ they just knew it was meant to be theirs. They have since found purpose for the land, a lavender farm, which is an urban farm located in the heart of Kansas City, Kansas.

Joe and Jenny started the lavender farm to help fight sex trafficking. “When we became aware of the realities of sex trafficking, we knew we had to help.” Jenny began volunteering at Veronica’s Voice and later became a volunteer coordinator. Veronica’s Voice is a nonprofit in Kansas City that works to empower survivors through housing and employment, policy and advocacy, and demand reduction. Lavender Hill Farm donates a portion of profits to Veronica’s Voice.

In 2019, Joe and Jenny planted their first crop of 1,000 lavender plants and are now in their 5th season with around 1,600 plants. They plant 150-200 lavender plants each year to offset any losses from winter. Both Joe and Jenny grew up farming, but when they started the lavender farm, they were advised to “forget everything they knew about farming.” The Lavender Growers Association helped them along the way, which has been vital to Lavender Hill Farm’s success. 

Lavender Hill Farm sells 90% of its products at the River Market in Kansas City, Missouri. A complete line of products is sold at Serendipity in the West Bottoms in Kansas City, Missouri. The products are all chemical-free, organically-grown, and handmade. Joe’s specialty is lavender hydrosol, which is steamed lavender and can be used as a body mist, room freshener, and more. Jenny does all the sewing for products like dryer sheets and eye pillows. The candles and wax melts are made by Joe and Jenny’s son, Ben. To help determine their product line, Joe and Jenny listen to their customers. For example, they began making wax melts for the college students who cannot burn candles in the dorms.  

When asked how the farm and working with Veronica’s Voice impacts them, Joe and Jenny said it has inspired them. “We get to wake up each day and share our work together on the farm.” They are truly living a lavender life!

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By: Maya Corley