Hometown Pie Company: Sweet As Pie

April 2, 2024 | Member features

There is nothing sweeter than a slice of pie and with over 30 delicious flavors, you will have plenty to choose from. At Hometown Pie Company, they offer a wide variety of flavors that will satisfy all tastes.

In 2011, Hometown Pie Company owner, Wanda Chaffain, began baking and selling pies from her family home in Waverly as a supplement to her full-time job. Wanda began going to local farmer’s markets, setting up in small towns, taking private orders, attending craft shows and eventually opening a small diner known as Hometown Eats & Bakery. This diner allowed her to have a small store front for her baked goods, but in 2017 she sold the diner to focus on her baking and changed her business plan to wholesale distribution. Not long after, the first wholesale pies were delivered to Pome on the Range in Williamsburg and with her husband Chad's support, she has been able to expand and grow her pie business to its current location in the heart of Coffey County.

Located in New Strawn, Hometown Pie Company manufactures pies and cheesecakes for wholesale distribution and each creation is the topped with their signature heart symbolizing that each dessert is made with love.

Hometown Pie Company takes pride in crafting small-batch pies made from scratch, hand-filled, scaled to their specific weight, packaged, and frozen for distribution. Each and every delicious pie they create is a testament to their commitment to quality and authenticity. With their small-batch approach and only sourcing the highest quality ingredients, they ensure that each pie receives the time and attention it deserves, resulting in a truly exceptional and memorable taste experience.

“I have a drive and desire to make a quality product that people enjoy and love,” said Chaffain. “I love pie and cheesecake and I feel that everyone should have the freshest pie when they are ready to serve dessert.   

Their wholesale clients include specialty stores, grocery stores, restaurants, wholesale distributors, fundraisers, and special-order clients. Visit their website to find a retail location near you.

“We also work with nonprofit organizations that like to sell our products for fundraisers and it is very humbling to know that profits from these fundraisers are going to help groups, children, schools and more,” said Chaffain.

In 2021, Hometown Pie Company received the ‘Coolest Thing Made in Kansas’ award from Kansas Manufacturing Council for its outstanding products. KMC holds an annual contest promoting Kansas manufacturers and highlighting products developed and built in Kansas. Hometown Pie Company was honored to receive such a prestigious award. 

Hometown Pie Company also has some events scheduled for 2024. They will be open to the public during the New Strawn/Burlington City Wide Garage Sale weekend which is typically held the first weekend of August. Additionally, they will be open to the public the day before Thanksgiving to take private orders and have them ready for pick up on Thanksgiving Day. 

Explore all of their delicious desserts and follow their story on Facebook: @Hometown Pie Company and Instagram: @hometown_pie. You can also check them out on our From the Land of Kansas website: From the Land of Kansas | Hometown Pie Company.


Story by Kady Figge, From the Land of Kansas intern