Duck Nuts: The Legend Continues

May 2, 2024 | Member features

After a devastating tornado destroyed the town of Greensburg, Matt Deighton founded Duck Salt in 2011 as a way to create something positive during a tragedy, while also spending his time giving back to the community he loved so much.

Matt worked for many years perfecting his Duck Salt recipe and in 2019 he took the next step in his business. He paired his famous Duck Salt seasoning with nuts to create Duck Nuts which resulted in a delicious product.

Unfortunately, Matt passed away on February 28, 2022, and the future of Duck Nuts was uncertain. Having worked closely with Matt in a previous career, Jerrod Nelsen and his wife, Jessica, were blessed with the opportunity, offered by Deighton’s family, to continue his legacy.

The Nelsen’s proudly purchased the business in 2023 and are working hard to bring Duck Nuts and Duck Salt back to fans everywhere. Their goal is to provide consumers with the best quality products along with giving 3% of profits back to local causes in hopes to help create positive changes for others.

“As a family-owned company, we strongly believe in giving back to the communities that support small businesses like ours,” said Jerrod. “There is good in doing good and we hope with each sale, we can help make a positive change in many communities.”

Jerrod loves getting to travel the state and meet so many wonderful people while sharing the story of Duck Nuts.

“I've never met a stranger and I love handing out samples to everyone I meet,” said Jerrod. “We're truly blessed to do this and thank you to our fellow Kansans for your support!"

Explore all of their products and follow their story on Facebook: @Duck Nuts & Duck Salt, Instagram: @ducknuts33, and X:@ducknuts33. You can also check them out on our From the Land of Kansas website: From the Land of Kansas | Duck Nuts.

By: Kady Figge, From the Land of Kansas Intern