Business Highlight: ShieldAg Equipment

May 9, 2024 | Ag Equipment

Submitted by: Samantha, ShieldAg Equipment

At ShieldAg Equipment, owned by Mike and Angie Bergmeier, we're proud to be at the forefront of agricultural innovation for more than half a century. From our base in Hutchinson, KS, we have committed ourselves to designing, manufacturing, and distributing agricultural products that not only enhance efficiency and profitability but also prioritize sustainability.

Our extensive product range, beloved by farmers across the globe, includes advanced solutions from fertilizer application gear to the essential parts that keep machinery running smoothly. Among our notable contributions to sustainable agriculture is the Acra Drill Unit (ADU).

The Acra-Drill Unit (ADU) is a testament to our dedication to supporting the agricultural research community, including universities, seed companies, and government crop research locations. It's a heavy-duty drill opener designed for small grain research, capable of precision seed placement with excellent seed-soil contact—critical for validating research crop data.

With our latest enhancements, the ADU also facilitates the simultaneous placement of fertilizer or cover crops in a single field pass. This dual capability is crucial for researchers focused on sustainable agriculture practices.

Our commitment to innovation extends across:

  • Conservation and primary tillage tools
  • Durable subsoiler, disc ripper, chisel, and fertilizer knife parts
  • Essential cultivator, planter, and grain drill parts
  • Combine harvesting aids for crops like sorghum and sunflowers
  • Made-in-America ShieldAg grain conveyors

We are eager to share our story and the innovative solutions that make farming more sustainable and profitable. We hope to inspire a broader conversation about the importance of agriculture and the role of innovation in fostering a sustainable future.

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