Spice It Up: A Flavorful Success

June 6, 2024 | Member features

From starting their business amidst a pandemic in 2020 to seeing their business flourish to this day four years later, Spice It Up is a small business located in Bonner Springs that specializes in homemade barbeque sauces and meat rubs.

Spice It Up has products for everyone no matter your spice threshold. From their Mild & Sassy sauce to their Extra Hot & Sassy sauce, there are plenty of options to meet your needs. There are also many places to find Spice It Up to discover your favorite product. You can find Spice It Up at competitions, fairs, festivals, and local farmers’ markets across Kansas. You can even find their products featured in a number of business and restaurants.

Even though they have only been in business since 2020, Spice It Up has already won several American Royal BBQ Contest awards, as well as an International Flavor Award. Amidst their success, they are always looking for ways to grow and expand. In the future, they plan to add more products to their line-up, and are also seeking restaurants that would like to utilize and/or offer the Spice It Up barbeque sauces to customers.

“A lot of restaurants have great meats, but they need a barbeque sauce that can match that quality,” said Brenda.

Not only are they proud of their products, they also are proud to be a family business. The mother-daughter duo, Brenda and Ana, are often joined by two extra helpers. Ana’s daughters join in on the family fun by helping out and gaining valuable lessons along the way.

“They have learned how to interact and speak with customers, count money back, and properly hand out samples of the product,” said Ana. “They are learning valuable lessons beyond a typical classroom.”

As barbequing becomes a household must-have with summer on its way and fall near, Spice It Up is looking forward to its upcoming adventures. They love attending many events, but the Maple Leaf Festival in Baldwin City in October is one of Brenda’s favorites.

Follow their story and keep up to date on where they will be next on Facebook: @Spice It Up. You can also shop their products at: From the Land of Kansas Marketplace. Spice It Up LLC


By: Kady FiggeFrom the Land of Kansas Intern