MKC Kitchen LLC: Kenzee’s Legacy

July 1, 2024 | Member features

Built on the Cupp family farm in Bazine, Kansas, MKC Kitchen LLC is a licensed commercial kitchen owned by Jess and Denee Cupp. The business was established in honor of their daughter, Makenzee, whose life was taken by a distracted driver on March 1, 2021.

Makenzee was known to most as Kenzee or Kenz and from day one she had always dreamed of becoming a famous farm-to-table chef. She started by cooking on her father’s hip until she was old enough to reach the counter on her own.

From then on, Kenzee showed her love and compassion for people through her food. Before her passing, Kenzee was about to graduate from culinary school at the top of her class.

“She enjoyed cooking and baking so many different things, but her favorite, was making sauce with her dad,” said Denee.

The recipe for the sauce, now known as Kenzee’s Everything Sauce, has been in their family for generations and can be enjoyed in many different ways.

Named for its versatility, Kenzee’s Everything Sauce is amazing on a variety of foods. Jess and Denee enjoy the sauce on crackers, but also utilize it to enhance dishes by adding it to their baked beans, meat loaf, goulash, and breakfast burritos. It was their secret ingredient for years when they owned and operated their restaurant. Kenzee’s favorite way to enjoy the sauce was adding it in her ham hock and beans.

Kenzee wanted the whole world to enjoy this sweet, and a little spicy, universal sauce. Therefore, with Kenzee’s legacy in mind, Jess and Denee decided to establish MKC Kitchen in 2022 and start selling the product.

“Through God’s grace we attempt daily to repurpose our pain into passion by carrying on Kenzee’s dreams,” said Denee.

In addition to their successful sauce, they have added a new product and purchased a food trailer. Their new product, MKC’s rub, is bold and full of flavor. It’s sweet with a little heat and made with the finest ingredients. The longer it sits, the hotter it gets. Enjoy it on chicken, pork and more. The rub also has outstanding reviews on their website. One review states, “I need more of this rub in my life!”

Keep up to date with MKC Kitchen LLC on Facebook: @MKC’s Kitchen and find more information about Kenzee’s story at Shop their products in person at a variety of locations or shop online at: MKC Kitchen – Home cooking from our kitchen to yours. A portion of all MKC Kitchen product sales are donated to


By: Kady FiggeFrom the Land of Kansas Intern