A Sweet Lavender Love Story

February 20, 2023 | Member features

A passion for lavender turned into a business.

Think of your happy place, whether it be walking by a river or reading a book in the sun, everyone has one. For Joe and Christina Blincoe, a lavender field brings them happiness and peace. Their lavender love story first started at their wedding in Maui when they visited a lavender farm and fell in love with the product. In 2015 they started planting lavender and making products for themselves and their loved ones. After being encouraged to expand and sell to the public, Sweet Streams Lavender Co became an LLC in 2017.

The business has grown from 200 plants to more than 6,500 plants. Every plant is grown on their property and moves only a couple hundred feet from their backyard to their home where the products are made. All products are made from their lavender, including roll-on essential oils, candles, herbal teas, soap, lip balm and more. If a necessary ingredient is not grown on their property, Joe does the research to find local products from other farms with the same mindset as theirs.

Running a business is very time consuming; Christina says they tackle it by knowing their separate strengths. Joe conducts research about raising natural lavender plants with sustainable practices. Christina handles the marketing on their website and social media platforms. “We both share responsibilities of being in the community,” Christina said. “It is very important for the consumer to see us and connect with us.” The dynamic duo keeps busy attending farmers’ markets and other pop-up events; all their events can be found by visiting their website and looking at the calendar. If you attend an event, finding them won’t be hard! You can easily find them (mainly at the Overland Park farmers’ market) by looking for the “lavender truck,” an adorable navy blue 1953 Ford F-350.

The Blincoes want to tell their story and hear the consumers’ story. “My favorite part is connecting with people. A lot of us have a story to share, I want to be someone they are comfortable sharing around,” Christina said. “I am a social butterfly and try to connect and support many other women-owned and local-owned businesses.” When asked their main goal for the business, Christina said they strive to give back to their community and be a business who listens to their customers. 

Christina said, “It is more than the product; it is more than the farming. It is about how to make that connection with people to have them trust you. It is just being a friend.”

Valentine’s Day may be over, but you can still show someone you love them with Sweet Streams Lavender Co products. To shop or find out where they will be set up next, visit sweetstreamslavender.com.

Story By: Josey Mestagh